Top 10 reasons why an iPad is a great Christmas gift for your kid

I think people think I’m strange when I tell them I’m getting my 5-year-old and iPad (mini) for Christmas.  I think this may clear some things up.  First off, typically people get their kids a mountain of toys for Christmas, which is a chore to shop for as well as wrap, and ends up costing $300 anyway.  Frankly, we don’t have the space for more toys, and the ones they do have, they seem to have a real problem putting them away.  So let’s take a quick tally: easy shopping, easy wrapping, takes up little space and requires minimum cleanup.  So we’re up to 4.

Any kid likes an iPad, so no disappointment.  It’s great in the car, that 10 hour battery life is worth its weight in gold during long car trips.  Anybody over about 1 year old can operate it.  5, 6 and 7.

They are surprisingly robust.  Our original iPad has been dropped more than once and still works great.  They are educational.  If you don’t believe that, I defer you to a 5-year-old who knew her alphabet before Kindergarten and a 2-year-old that can count to 20!  That’s 8 & 9…

…And 10: while they’re watching cartoons/playing games/learning/drawing/whatever, they’re not fighting, yelling, making a mess, calling China on the telephone, playing in traffic, running with scissors, chewing with their mouth open, or sticking things in electrical sockets.


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